When/How can I order?
Meals are Monday to Thursday. Alternatively, you can choose set days for the week. Orders for the new week to be in by Sundays at 6pm for the following week, either by email: or Whatsapp to 0832973783. Alternatively, you can advise us that you will be wanting to receive meals on an ongoing basis, then notifying us is not necessary.

Can I cancel my order/put my order on hold?
Certainly – should you wish to cancel an ongoing weekly order, then please do so by Friday at 5pm. Monthly orders to be cancelled 48 hours before the new month. Should you cancel without notifying us, then we would still need to charge you for the days where we were not notified. If you are going away on holiday and would like your orders suspended whilst you are away, please advise us as this is no problem and we will happily arrange.
We have the following options:
• Weekly – with payment by Monday for the new week.
• Monthly – with payment in advance by the 1st of the month.

Standard portion:  R75 per person per meal

Medium portion: R60 per person per day

Pensioner portion: R50 per person per day

Kid friendly portion R35 per child per day

“Kid Friendly” option can be ordered if you think your child may not eat the “meal of the day” (for example; a curry, etc) in wich case we will substitute with our choice of meal in the form of, for example, Chicken Strips & Chips / Mac’n’Cheese / Spaghetti & Meatballs / Cottage Pie. If this is the case, please advise us when placng your weekly order.


What time is delivery/collection from?
If you are not sure what time you will be home, you are most welcome to collect on your way home. (Collection address below) Should you choose this option – collection is anytime from 5.00 pm. Delivery will be between 5.00 pm – 6:30 pm. Please note that delivery times are not guaranteed, as we are dependent upon traffic, your location and the orders for the day. You are most welcome to contact us on the following numbers should you have a query:
• Tanya – 083 297 3783
• Geoff – 083 650 7160
• COLLECTION: 6 Durnford Way, Edgemead – which is off Thomas Bowler.

Can you cater for special requests/food allergies etc?
Please feel free to contact me with regards to any special requirements and we will endeavour to accommodate you where possible. Changes to the set meal of the day may incur a cost.

How can we make payment?
Payment may be made via Internet Transfer by the Monday for the week ahead using your address as a reference, or for monthly orders, payment to be received on the 1st of the month for the new month.

Can we pay by cash?
In the event that you are unable to do internet transfers, then you can pay in cash for the week ahead when your Monday meal is dropped off, or on the 1st day of the month for the month ahead. We only accept EFT’s and payment given on delivery. We don’t accept cash deposits directly into our Bank Account. From a safety perspective, we do prefer internet transfers, but will accommodate you in need.

Should I need to cancel my order, what is required from me?
Cancellations for the next week must be made the Friday before, by notifying us via email.
If you need to cancel a meal in the event that you may be going out, and not require a meal that evening, please notify us via SMS or email.

How do I go about ordering?
You may contact us by email, using our link on our webpage (, or via SMS to 083 297 3783.
Please provide the following information:
• Full name
• Contact number (preferably Cell Number)
• Address
• Size of family (i.e. meal type requirements e.g. 2 x Standard and 2 x Medium)

What will happen if we are not at home when delivery is made?
We can leave it with a neighbour, provided you have made arrangements with them. Alternatively, you are most welcome to collect from our premises in Edgemead on days when you cannot receive it. We have customers who collect directly from us each day, and you are most welcome to do so as well.

Is it possible to order extra meals, for example if we have visitors, etc?
With pleasure, please advise us 24 hours in advance (if possible), alternatively, give us a call on the day and we will certainly try to accommodate you.

May I order on certain days only?
With pleasure. In this instance we just require you to advise us by Sunday at 6pm which days of the week you will be requiring meals.

Freezer Meal Orders
Minimum order of 6 of each type of meal. (For example: Creamed Mushroom & Spinach x 6 / Butter Chicken & Basmati Rice x 6) Order for the new month to be in by the 30th of each month.

In what suburbs do you deliver?
Currently we are only servicing Edgemead, Bothasig. We also have customers who prefer to collect on their way home, so this option may suite you.

Do you deliver on Public Holidays and Weekends?
Unfortunately not.

Banking Account Details for Electronic Transfers

ACCOUNT NAME  Royal “T” Catering & Events (Pty) Ltd
BANK First National Bank
ACCOUNT NUMBER 62700745360
BRANCH CODE 25-06-55
REFERENCE NUMBER Please use Invoice Number & Surname

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